​​​​​​ My Cofi 我的咖啡

文章撰寫: Adrienne Chen

​座落於文化中心一帶的 My Cofi 其實最早是以行動咖啡車的方式經營。直到某天,來光顧的新客人覺

咖啡,還因此建立了友誼。或許就是這樣的用心與認真感就了My Cofi 街角咖啡館的特有靈魂。

文人雅士,又或者想來點有趣新奇的咖啡體驗!來這裡就對了,My Cofi都能滿足不同的需要哦!

地址: 高市苓雅區廈門街19號
電話: 07-2220101
營業時間: 08:00~18:00
信用卡: 無
無線網路: 有
英文菜單: 有

Located around the Cultural Center area, My Cofi was initially embarked on a mobile vendor cart . Till one day, the owner was convinced by a new customer who told her that such a fine coffee should be shared to more people and that is how she turned this idea into an action as you see now, a  lovely cozy coffeehouse.   

Unlike other popular café chainstores, as you walk into the shop, you will be affected by owner's great passion in coffee, knowing why this has made a new leaf in her life.  What could be more, the insistence of using specialty beans, single origin as the main coffee , usuallyperformed by hand drip as well as the espresso method such as caffè macchiato ,cappuccino..so forth, known as latte art. On the back of the shop, you will see a coffee cup shelf made specially for its customers who come for a coffee can choose any cup they like as to create an ambiance of  " My Cofi is your home coffeehouse  .

" Not only here provided good quality beans but also cultivated by owner who often enjoy sharing the concept of " how to drink and taste a healthy good coffee ." Some even become friends with the owner. This is a real spirit  what we can find in the cornercoffee shop like this. Apart from all that, there's another uncommon choice worth mentioning at My Cofi which is foaming milk art ( painting on a thick layer foaming milk ) , anything you can picture of ,eg. cartoon character , portrait or even your pet , she can turn it into quite lively patterns on the top of your ordering coffee that you might find yourself not easy to let go and take a sip. So!  What are you waiting for?  Whether you are coffee aficionados or not,here is certainly a place that can meet everyone's need. 

No.19, Xiamen St., Lingya Dist., Kaohsiung City 802, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
TEL: 07-2220101
Hours: 08:00~18:00
Closed on Thu.
no credit cards
English menu and wireless internet( Wi-Fi)  access provided